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Location Sweden

I have to admit I'm not a big fan of daytime soap operas at all. However I'd like to share an experience I had back in 1993 when a was randomly switching between channels and came across OLTL and the build up to the disastrous gang rape of the character Marty Saybrooke. For quite some time I followed the events unfolding and I must say the storyline was compelling, it resonated with my personal experience of how bad things can go when tragedies take place, especially how when bad things happen there are always a chain of events preceding, each one of them fully avoidable in hindsight.

Just recently I revisited some of the clips from OLTL 1992-1994 via youtube, and I must say your performance as an actress is what carried the storylines your character was involved in. I don't think I have ever seen anyone bring that much to the overall experience.

Kenneth Haskell  

Location Brooklyn new York

Was watching old episodes of sliders and saw your name come up on one and thought it was a coincidence that you have the same last name as me . Was curious if we might be related . BTW my girlfriend watches your husband on all my children and loves him on the show .

Ema Faria 

Location Toronto

Hi Susan, its Ema from West End Hearing. Looked up your website and saw your picture and I can't belive I spoke with Marty from One Life to Live. OMG loved your story line on One life to live. I hope to see you in one of the other soaps I watch.


Location Canada

Hope you have a great Birthday!!!! Hoping to see you back on screen soon.


Location United Kingdom

Not seen much of your work, but came across you in JAG.  Great acting and played a fun and caring character.


Knet Was here..
Greetings from Argentina.. bye


Knet Was here..
Greetings from Argentina.. bye


Knet Was here..
Greetings from Argentina .. bye


Location Metro Vancouver

I'm really glad I stumbled on your websight and youtube videos. I started watching when your character came down the stairs after the rape. I stopped watching when you left. I hope you have fun with your two girls. I hope to see you act again too though.

Frank L. 

Location TX

Love your work!  Hope one day Marty Saybrooke heads back to Llanview now that Prospect Park is reviving the show!
-your biggest fan, 
frank, tx

Kelly M. 

Location FL

Dear Susan,

I hope you don't mind my stopping by to say hi and send my love. It helps for me to keep busy these days. It has been a while; too long for me at least =)  And although you likely won't see or even read this message, I had to put pen back to paper (in a manner of speaking). Mostly to express that you, TK, and your family are never too far away from my thoughts and well wishes. 

I'm hoping you too, still remember me, even after all these years.  It's been quite a year for me, one of both deep joy and even deeper sorrow, but I wanted to remind you (and possibly myself as well) that your and TK's selfless gift of friendship, kindness, and support over the years (perhaps without your even knowing it) has helped me to "keep the faith".  

Your endless, stellar body of work (even at times, without question, under less than stellar circumstances) for me, and I am quite certain so many others-- is one that is such which can never be replicated or duplicated.  In fact, they still serve as my "master classes" when I review the scenes from the moment Margaret "Marty" Saybrooke Thornhart stepped onto the OLTL canvas, captured the viewers' attention and ultimately, their hearts.  Not surprisingly, your scenes with Thorsten are still just as powerful as they were all those years ago.

From my years since as an aspiring actress, (a young undergraduate student with a passion for theater who was taking classes to learn, explore, and improve the craft she loved so much), to those trajectory moments for me shared together in LA, you both have granted me so many lifelong lessons that go far beyond the gift of acting which continue to impact me to this day.

All of this is meant to tell you once again, thank you. For who you are. Not just as the tremendous actor, but the equally extraordinary woman whom I continue to have a profound sense of admiration and respect for.

I hope you, TK, and the girls are doing well and I look forward to the next time our paths may cross and perhaps getting the opportunity one day soon catch up and to say simply "thank you" once more.

With Sincerest Gratitude,


Location New York

Now that One Life to Live is coming back online I would like the return of Susan Haskell as Marty Sayebrooke.  ABC really gave her a lousy ending last year when the show went off and Marty is a key character and would be a great addition to the cast again.


Nice site!!!!

Best Regards,


Cool site like this is hard to come by. Well done!!!

Best Regards,


Cool site whats up keep it up


Location Germany

Hi Susan, can you put in some new photos from you when you were younger. You are such a beautiful person


Location Bulgaria

Hello Miss Marty Saybrooke...(Yes i know that is ot your real name but i will use this name)
My name is Deedee (I'm scary to say my name)21 years old
First i want to tell you, you come in my life when i was need you...
I searching answer on my questions (i searching to forgot what was happen on 
02.07.12 was after 12 am )And then i find Spring Fling..I watched what they did
on Marty i will be honest back so much memory...but and helped me to forgot
my problems and to want to help of Marty...That's why feel mixed feelings to Todd
One time i say Marty must stay away from Todd one time They must be together
Never mind what he did for Marty he hurt her... Now for Susan you play so 
wonderful, you win my love and part of my heart ♥♥♥ You make Marty so real
For me you are so wonderful actress and i want to see after serial movie with you
Bye Miss Saybrooke ♥♥♥

Stephan de Vre  

Location Hoorn Netherlands

Dear Susan in admire your spontious actin Regardsi g in thee Series of Jag land regardsi Stephan de vre


Location Canada

Hello, I check this site regularly with the hopes of seeing something new. I hope that we get to see you again on screen soon.

Sherian St. Patrick 

Location California

I miss OLTL so much and you were a great asset to that soap over the years. I loved getting my soap fix everyday for over 30 years and you and the entire OLTL family is missed. I occasion I 'll turn on Soap Net just to see a familiar face on OLTL and AMC.
Good luck in the future and I hope you are still following a dream.
I love the family photo of you, Thorstron, Marlowe and McKenna.

Best regards

james mcnevin 

Location kingston ontario canada


Dear Ms. Haskell

I have been a huge fan of yours since you were in that episode of my secret identity as Lauren Vail. I love Margaret “Marty” Ann saybrooke; I watched one life to live all the years you were on. I found one scene in particular that you did with Erin Torpey where you defend Jessica Buchannan’s school report to her teacher very moving I think you are beautiful      





Location Michigan

It was a real pleasure to meet you tonight and I won't say where to protect your privacy.  My husband kept asking me not to go up to you but I told him I am really sure it is is different than on TV!   In fact your more beautiful.  I was wanting to give you your privacy especially with your kids.  Maybe it does bother you and i am sorry that is why i wanted to be quick plus i was so excited it did go quick...I didn't get to say all I wanted to and I was wanting to ask for a picture with you but no time.  I wanted to hurry while your kids were away from you for my chance to at least say hi.  But I wanted to say I am a huge fan of you and your husband and that you have a beautiful family and to have a great vacation.  


Location Los Angeles


Hi Ms. Haskell,

                       My favorite episode of OLTL was the Spring Fling.  You are a very beautiful actress!


Location Canada

Happy Birthday. Hope to see you back on screen soon!

sandy davis 

Location mullins sc


hi my name is sandy and I loved you on oltl and I hope that they bring  it back and of they dont  . I hope that you can fined a new job and let us know so we can see it.

Andre Myers 


Since One Life To Live isn't on anymore. What is next?


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